How to Use Loopring?

What is Loopring?

Loopring is an Ethereum based decentralized exchange protocol that is being created to allow users to exchange assets across various exchanges. Loopring pools orders from as many exchanges as possible, and then fill these orders by matching them with the order books of all the exchanges that participate in the Loopring network. Both centralized and decentralized exchanges can take part in Loopring network.

How to Trade in Loopring?

Before starting to trade on Loopring exchange you need to register an account. Tire you ETH address to the exchange Merkle Tree.

  1. Connect your wallet via WalletConnect. To trade you have to deposit first. Tap ‘Account’ and tap ‘Deposit’ on the asset you need.

2. Enter the amount to deposit or tap on ‘Balance on ETH’ to deposit all. Click ‘Deposit’ and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

3. On Trade page choose trading pair, chose whether you need to buy or sell, set desired price, enter the amount, check the transaction details and tap ‘Sell now/Buy now’.

4. If your order is successfully set, it will be shown in Open orders. To cancel the order tap on ‘Cancel’.

*Please pay attention that every financial operation and decision has a potential investment risk, when making an investment think carefully, do not take any impulsive decision.



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