How to Use InstaDapp?

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3 min readNov 3, 2020


What is InstaDapp?

InstaDapp is a DeFi application that seeks to provide a simple-to-use layer in order to interact with other DeFi protocols.

There are three main activities you can perform on the InstaDApp platform, these include:

Lending — Deposit your crypto and earn interest on it.

Borrowing — Borrow instantly directly from the InstaDApp dashboard.

Both borrowing and lending are plugging to Compound, Curve, AAVE or MAkerDAO protocols.

Swap — Instantly exchange tokens from your web3 wallet

How to Swap Tokens?

Connect your wallet to InstaDapp.

1. Enter ‘Trade’, select the tokens to swap from and to. Enter the desired amount, check the price and slippage. Tap on ‘Swap’, confirm the transaction in your wallet and pay the gas fee. Successfully swapped you will see swapped tokens in your wallet.

How to deposit to MakerDAO?


1. Enter ‘MakerDAO’, to deposit you need to create a vault first. Tap on ‘Deposit’. In the popping up window tap ‘Create an account’. Funds in your DSA (DeFi Smart Account) are separated from your funds in your current wallet; your DSA has its own address and maintains its own assets. Confirm this transaction in your wallet and pay the gas fee.

2. Tap ‘Deposit’ on the home page, select the token to deposit and tap ‘Deposit’. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and pay the gas fee. You can withdraw any time.

How to deposit using Compound?

To use Compound in InstaDapp is similar as using Compound itself. Please see this tutorial on lending, borrowing and earn COMP in Compound protocol.

Working with Compound in InstaDapp is similar to using AAVE and Curve in InstaDapp. You can find the tutorials about these projects in our official website:

* Please pay attention that every financial operation and decision has a potential investment risk, when making an investment think carefully, do not take any impulsive decision.



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