How to Use DODO Exchange?

What Is DODO Exchange?

DODO Exchange is a capital-efficient, low-slippage on-chain liquidity provider built on Ethereum and powered by the Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm. The DODO protocol is governed by the DODO token, which is distributed through a series of community incentive programs called “DODO Carnival”.

How to Swap in DODO exchange?

1. Select ‘Trade’, choose the trading pair from the list, and enter the desired amount. Below you will see price impact and estimated amount you receive. Tap ‘Swap’ and confirm the transaction in your wallet, pay gas fee.

How to Stake DODO tokens and Earn DODO?

1. Enter Mining. You will see balance of your realized mining rewards, your claimable rewards, and a list of options. Click on the first tab ‘DODO’.

How to Provide Liquidity and Deposit LP Token?

1. Enter ‘Exchange’, then ‘Pool’, tap ‘Deposit’ find the liquidity you want to deposit to. Enter the desired amount of one of two assets. Check the details of the pool and tap ‘Confirm’. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

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